American citizen, born in Geneva, Mayanna von Ledebur works and lives in Europe. After studies in cinema, art history and drawing, she begins working with film and starts, at the same time, to photograph and paint. Her background has motivated her interest for movement, form and space. She has slowly drawn these mediums closer to finally put them together and confront them. Often using dyptiques, tryptiques, polytyptiques, or pans to play with the idea of space and time, as a single continuum, transforming moments into pictorial dimensions – questioning the idea of the constitutive substance of the images. 
Photographic editions turn into becoming originals through a painting or, on the opposite, photographs of the paintings are used rather than the original painting itself. The image sources, in this authorship condition, are taken from the relationship of a single perspective with surroundings. They are constantly investigated as the tensions between pose, material, form, movement, color and their collision as an image, revealing another sculptural and historical context.
Films that Mayanna von Ledeburs has worked on as a script writer has been shown at festivals such as Cannes and Venice.  Her personal work has been shown in Centre George Pompidou and in various international shows and festivals.